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Astrid Vendo

Therapy & Training

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A healthy life

Finding your own balance is often not easy. My wish is to support people and give them strength. I will help you to take the first step, and accompany you on your way.





My wish is that people feel good from head to toe, that blockages are released and the flow of energy is activated. My many years of experience as a trainer and therapist have shown me that we need different methods to regain our balance. We are all surrounded by stress and hustle and ultimately long for inner balance. I would like my customers to be able to forget their everyday stress and worries for a while and return to their goals with renewed focus.

Billing is based on the scale of fees for non-medical practitioners (GebüH). The treatment costs are generally covered by private insurance and are beihilfefähig. If in doubt, you should discuss payment options with your insurance company.


Craniosacral Therapy

With a gentle touch from the therapist, this treatment method can release blockages and functional disorders in the body and soul. The treatment causes a general strengthening of the vital functions and a balance in states of tension.

Bowen Therapy

The method developed by Tom Bowen is a holistic, manual form of therapy that uses gentle, rolling movements to stimulate the fascia at defined points on the body in such a way that a process of physical self-regulation starts there.
Applications of Bowen Therapy (German site)

Liebscher & Bracht Therapy

Liebscher & Bracht pain therapy is an independent method for treating pain. On average, a completed therapy consists of 3 sessions. The regular implementation of bottleneck stretching is the prerequisite for remaining pain-free.
Application of the Liebscher and Bracht method

Systemic Consultant

What if their problem just resolved itself? What would be different? How would that feel inside and out?

With systemic consulting, we work on change and solution processes, whether in a professional or private context. By taking a different perspective, we have the opportunity to look at situations and ourselves differently.


Exercise Therapy

Get active and moving, and slowly and purposefully release blockages and tension. The Liebscher and Bracht method makes the body stronger, more flexible and can reduce or prevent movement pain.

This combination dissolves muscular and fascial blockages that have arisen as a result of our one-sided way of life. The exercises consist of movement sequences with intensive stretching, control and strengthening as well as the fascia roll massage.

Registration required via or 0176-21650220.

Fascia Training

It consists of movement sequences with intensive stretching, control and strengthening as well as the fascia roll massage. Your fascial system is stimulated and this improves your metabolism and thus your health.

Yoga – Fascia Yoga

With yoga we get into balance, because the gentle but strengthening movements have an effect on posture, body awareness and self-confidence.

Liebscher & Bracht Workshop

In this 2-hour workshop you have the opportunity to get to know the movement system from Liebscher & Bracht. You learn the various tools of the L&B system and can work with them at home.
The focus is on the respective body areas.

In addition to the brief introduction to the anatomical structures, you will learn and practice the corresponding blockage stretches (in up to 7 steps) for the specific area.

Written registration is required to participate in courses and workshops. (max. 12 participants)

Outdoor Training

Standing, walking and moving consciously. We start the day with various elements, such as movements of Tai Chi-Qi Gong, the Sky Flow by fayo and individual movements from my knowledge base.
Then we go through the forest, which can have an effect on our body and soul through the light, colors and scents of the plants.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is working with life energy and is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is used to prevent and treat diseases, and activates the self-healing powers through therapeutic gymnastics, breathing exercises and meditation.

*possible as group or individual training


Liebscher & Bracht Fascia Training

Tuesday: 19:00 – 20:00

Workshop Liebscher & Bracht
with Fascia Rollers in Oftersheim

14. Juni 18:00 – 20:00

*Registrations by email are welcome!


Education and Experience

  • Pain therapist according to Liebscher and Bracht
  • Cranioscle therapy
  • Systemic consultant
  • Bowen Therapy (DZBT) Center for Bowen Therapy
  • FAYO fascia yoga according to Liebscher Bracht
  • Naturopath
  • Kinesiological taping + massage (IFAA)
  • Movement therapy according to Liebscher and Bracht
  • Pilates (!FAA)
  • Rehabilitation Coach
  • Endurance trainer (BSA and Polar OwnZone)

My Influences

At the age of four I started dancing, soon after that ballet, gymnastics and jazz dance were added. When I was 14, I got involved with Latin American dances. Especially the love for salsa has remained. After my children were born, I worked out in the gym. Yoga and Pilates were also added there. After my first training to become a trainer, I taught my own courses there from 1999. Movement has always been part of my life and inspires and strengthens me every day.

That’s what others say about me

Class care! I feel very well looked after by Ms. Kosmider. She explains everything very precisely, including the exercises. If you have any questions or problems that arise outside of the treatment, you can get help quickly. She takes her time with the treatment. A friendly and sympathetic therapist. Thanks to her treatment, I am pain free and can jog again.
(Jennifer R. Translated from the original German)

The lesson was great, my headache is completely gone, I could have gone for a lap through the park in the evening and uprooted a few trees.
(Regina H. Translated from the original German)

My name is Astrid Vendo (née Kosmider)

As a state-recognised non-medical practitioner and pain therapist according to Liebscher and Bracht, I am located in my practice in Leimen.

With my work as a personal trainer in the areas of exercise, nutrition and relaxation, individual lessons and courses can complement the treatment.




Astrid Vendo
Johannes-Reidel-Straße 8
69181 Leimen

DE49 230 176 289
008 837 61514
Mobile: 0176 / 21 65 0220